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Buick in the shop for detailing

The Buick is in the lab getting a once over with Meguiars NXT Tech Wax 2.0.  I will also be detailing the plastic and rubber on the body as well as polishing the bumpers.  It should look spot on when I am finished.  In the picture below it is just waiting to have the NXT wiped off with a microfiber towel or two.

Ready to be wiped down


After the detailing was done, it turned out like this.  I used Meguiars wax, chrome polish on the bumpers and wheels and then treated the rubber/plastic parts with Meguiars Back to Black. I am still bummed about the front bumper fillers so I will need to source a high quality replacement and hope the paint can be matched well. To me, the fillers are letting the car down.

Car complete and ready for cruising

Not a bad day in the shop… Time to cruise with Benjamin.