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New tires installed

New tires installed

The time has finally come to replace my tires. The front tires were in pretty good shape but the back tires were quite worn. After doing some research I realized that these cars go through back tires twice as fast as the front. I looked online and found that the Goodyear Eagle GT tires had been discontinued so there was no chance of finding just rear tires. After doing some more research, I found that a tire that does well on these cars at a budget-friendly rate is the Continental ExtremeContact Sport. I ended up ordering a set from Tire Rack and they arrived in just two days with free shipping.

Putting an S2000 on jack stands is no easy task. I had to drive up on 2x4s first so that I could get my low profile jack under the front to the central jack point. I just have to remember to lower the car onto the wood or I won’t be able to pull the jack out from under the car.

Waiting for fronts to be mounted.  The jack stands are in the correct spot for S2000 purists.

Time will tell how these tires perform. I haven’t taken it for a drive yet but hopefully, the weather will cooperate. I liked the Eagle GT tires so if these are as good, I will be happy. I plan to order a pair of rear tires in late 2021 so that I have them. I expect to have 60 percent of the fronts left when the rears are due again.