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Winter storage

Just getting the S2000 ready for winter storage in my home garage.  I am listing what I do for my car in case it helps anyone.  Everyone has their own recipe and opinions and this is mine:

  • Change the oil so you are ready for spring. No reason to let used oil sit for months in the sump.
  • Fill some pantyhose with moth balls and lay them in the engine bay to keep varmints from nesting if that’s a problem.
  • Stabil in a full tank of gas.
  • Treat the leather seats and give the car a full detail from top to bottom. No reason to let dirt sit.
  • Treat the top with protectant.
  • Put a can of DampRid in the interior to absorb moisture and smells.
  • I am not a fan of starting a car in the winter since it will do more harm than good. All you will be doing is creating moisture in the exhaust since it won’t get hot enough to burn off.
  • Take the battery out and store it indoors.
  • Steel wool in the tailpipes to keep critters out. I don’t have problems like that but I do it anyway as a matter of course.
  • Cover the car and wait many months until spring.

My car just got back from the paint shop to repair some unfortunate scuffing and spider webbing on the front bumper.  I wanted to get it done before the winter so I would be ready to hit the streets in style when spring comes.

Before (it looks worse than it really was. The white is dirt.):

After:  Good as new and a wonderful job of matching Silverstone paint